Learn new ideas on how to repair garage door damages with these excellent tips!

Installing glass panels

Glass panels add a touch of class to your existing garage door. Our trained technicians can help assist in installing these panels correctly. Although they are very delicate to handle, they are easier to install and not very difficult to maintain unlike wooden or steel garage doors.

Replacing garage doors

If you are thinking about replacing your existing garage door then make sure you choose the right type and size of door. Insulated garage doors with a high R-value are a good option and also pick an opener which uses rolling code technology to operate.

Clean wood garage door panels with soft damp cloth

This should help to remove even more stubborn dirt, especially if the water is warm. Make sure that you do not rub the panels very vigorously. Let the water soak into the dirt and simply wipe it off. If this is not enough, consider using a safe cleaner which is especially formulated for wood.

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