Garage Door Springs

Whether you have extension or torsion garage door springs, your door will not be usable if even one of them breaks. Count on us for professional repairs and replacements.

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You probably don’t look up to check how the garage door springs are doing too often. This is not an issue, really, but the more you know about them the better. With some helpful details and advice, you can have an even safer and better working door.Garage Door Springs

Oil Tempered Springs

These are used primarily for heavier doors that run a large number of cycles during the day. If you go out with your car often, you can consider this type of torsion spring. It works in exactly the same way as its traditional counterparts. The difference is in the make. Oil tempered springs are made with the use of steel wire which has been dipped in hot oil. The friction between the coils is greatly reduced and the component lasts longer without the need for lubrication. The drawback is that black residue is left on the panels and they require more frequent cleaning.

Extension Spring Maintenance

Unlike their torsion counterparts, these springs don’t need lubrication. They stretch and contract to run the door. At the same time, they require testing. The important thing is to disconnect the opener first. The test involves lifting the door up until it is halfway open and letting go. If the opening is easy and the door doesn’t close with great speed, everything is fine. Otherwise, the springs have to be changed. A visual check is also needed. If there are stretched coils, the damage spring should be replaced timely. Damaged safety cables require changing immediately.

Broken Spring Repair

There are two signs showing there is a problem. At the time of breaking, there is a loud bang. When you try to open the door, it won’t move an inch. It is easy to spot the two pieces hanging on the shaft or safety cable when you look up. The broken spring should be replaced right away. The new one should be made from galvanized steel. For extension springs, the optimal cycle life is 10,000 while for torsion ones, it is best to opt for a component with a cycle life of 15,000 or greater.

For all issues with extension and torsion springs, turn to us to get a quick solution. Our services include everything from adjustment, repair and replacement to installation and maintenance. At Garage Door Repair in Wesley Chapel, we have skilled technicians, advanced equipment and high-quality spare parts.

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