Simple garage door torsion

Simple garage door torsion

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One of the most crucial parts of a garage door is the torsion spring, which enables you to operate the door. When something goes wrong with these coils, the door might not function smoothly. To make sure that the door is working in top condition, there are some maintenance tips to follow. Start lubricating and checking on the spring system as that is one of the most important parts for safe and proper operation of the door.Simple garage door torsion

The garage door torsion spring replacement cost can be high. That is why it makes sense for you to take precautions and maintain them. If you come across any of the situations below, then take action immediately.

Difficulty in opening and closing the garage door

If you are not able to open and close your garage door with ease, then something is wrong with the spring present inside. You will find it hard to open and close the door and need to put in more effort. Then it needs to be checked and changed as there might be some damage.

Broken spring

Sometimes you may find that one of the springs in the door is broken. If that is the case then you need to purchase new springs for your door. If you notice some noise when opening or closing the door, then it is possibly due to the spring. If it has not been oiled for quite some time, then the noise might increase. 

If the cable is broken

If the cable is broken, you should replace it immediately. Although the cables might be from a reputed brand, it could break anytime and cause injury.

It is not a good idea to repair a garage door on your own if you’re not confident of the same. Minor repairs like lubricating the cables is fine, but major repair work calls for expertise to get to done right the first time round. Experienced technicians at garage door repair Wesley Chapel are well-equipped with the right tools and knowledge in different types of garage doors.

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